once upon a time…..

Almost everyone is familiar with the monumental Battle of Hastings in 1066, a well-known date in Britain’s history when William The Conqueror invaded and King Harold II’s Anglo-Saxon army failed in their defence of the English crown. Arrow in the eye….. remember? Well, just north of the iconic Abbey and the legendary battlefield is where you’ll find us on Beech Farm.

Our humble alcohol inspired journey started in 2010, a small white 6×4 ft “Brew Shed”, locally renown in the historic market town of Battle, East Sussex, and ineffectively producing almost drinkable liquors primarily as a means to satisfy increasingly expensive binge drinking habits.

In 2016, it became clear that we had developed some great recipes and were producing good beer that was popular with family and friends. One, undoubtedly beer-fuelled evening, we decided it was time that we should move to the next stage and embark on the launch of Battle’s very own Brewery.

Our exciting plans meant the Brew Shed could now be converted back to storing tools, and we moved to larger premises on a nearby working farm where we installed new shiny vessels to help us flourish into purveyors of local real ales that we are now proud to serve.

In just over six months, thanks to great local support, Battle Brewery quickly outgrew our Netherfield Hill Farm base and moved to an awesome new home on Beech Farm, Battle.
Nestled in beautiful farmland, amongst a collection of converted farm buildings, we join a friendly community of small local businesses, in a converted Calf House. This new space gave us the potential to fulfil our beer-filled dreams, to scale up brewhouse production and offer a unique taproom experience to beer lovers in the region.

The brewery and its taproom have established itself as a favourite local venue. Open weekly all-year-round, serving at least 5 brewery-fresh beers on cask and keg, and offering regular live music events, street food, live sport on big screen, and pub games.